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Features & Benefits

Vendor lock out

We make migration fearless and easy. With ahomé Cloud as a Service, move your data easily across providers with our automated documentation process. Migrate your data to totally different types of environment with no stress.

Unlock your business from a single Cloud provider and enjoy the freedom of moving across providers. Manage your business independently as you need.


Self Service tool

Click and Play. Follow the step by step wizard to deploy your infrastructure, application or service.

With a clearly defined Role Based Access Control (RBAC) rights, describe the roles in your organisation and control access rights across your infrastructure. Move away from micro management and let your users take action on instances, scripts and allocate each of them a budget. Allocate responsibilities, grow your team efficiency and measure effectively productivity.



Create – Test – Deploy – Destroy – Repeat – ENJOY

Enjoy repeatable deployments across infrastructures.


Highly Customisable

ahomé can easily be adapted to your infrastructure and requirements be it on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, on-premise or across multiple providers.

Its Multitenancy architecture allows for a fully customised white label for its clients. ahomé can thus be installed in house or used to resell services following different corporate brand identity and guidelines.


Track Usage and Costs

From the ahomé dashboard, keep track of your daily usage of resources and their related costs. Stop, restart instances as needed and implement alerts on budget consumptions. Enjoy a bird’s eye visibility on the costs of your infrastructure and make more objective financial decisions to manage costs. Give access to management and finance department for more efficient collaborative decision making.


100% open source

Enjoy all the benefits of open source: cost efficiency, flexibility, freedom, security, accountability. ahomé brings the possibility to manage and sell your services with your budget range and to scale up as you grow. Do not over-invest, but accelerate your business growth.


Integration with multiple providers and technologies

ahomé is focused on user experience. It has been integrated with multiple providers and technologies to alleviate its users from needing expert experience before using the best and trending technologies.

ahomé is integrated with the main cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, IBM cloud, Alibaba, VMWare.

Technologies integrated: Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Terraform


Built in Dynamic inventory

With the built-in dynamic inventory, easily discover your resources and manage them (Red Hat Satellite, VMWare vCenter, Netbox, KVM, Ansible-Tower….)


Automated Documentation

With ahomé, documentation is where it all starts and is a primary focus. A clean documentation equals accelerated future progress. It is a priority, which is often neglected. Once a first a documentation is completed, ahomé ensures the system is automatically documented in one space. And all future changes are documented automatically.


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