Africa Cloud

By Ahomé

Africa Cloud | The Mindset

Build Africa IT infrastructure

Accelerate Cloud Computing in Africa. ahomé makes the Cloud accessible to all in Africa through its customised products for Africa.

Develop local economy

Become a cloud broker or a MSP easily with ahomé as we offer the tool you need to easily manage IT services. Focus on developing business opportunities, create employment and develop the local economy.

Local data protection

Datacenter or ISP- expand your business and resell cloud services to local companies. Encourage businesses to keep their data local and under the local data regulations.

Reduced Costs

Keeping data local should imply lower costs for local businesses and increased business opportunities for local datacenter and ISPs. Allow Africa to remove all barriers to its IT development.

From Constraints

Focus on Solutions with ahomé

Internet Costs

Internet Transit is expensive in Africa. With an infrastructure build on premises facilitated by ahomé, keep your traffic and data local and move away from internet costs limitations.

Talented Architects & Engineers

Africa suffers from a lack of qualified engineers and architects. Built on Infra as code with all processes beautifully automated, ahomé fills up this talent gap.

Energy & Power

Energy and power are serious challenges in Africa region. ahomé proposes a product that runs on low power consume devices, thus an eco-responsible technology. 

Digital Independency

Data is protected by the Law of the country in which it is located. Prepare for the unexpected and keep your data local with your infrastructure on premises. 

Limited Budget

Many African companies have limited budget for their IT infrastructure. ahomé allows you to achieve more with less resources and offers tailor made products for every budget.


Unemployment rate is high in Africa. But do not limit your business as ahomé automation takes care of this constraint. Focus on sales and lets operations be handled by ahomé. 

ahomé can help

Choose your Business

Datacenter in Africa

Datacenter in Africa

Upgrade from traditional to cloud datacenter with ahomé. Seize the opportunity to expand your service portfolio and resell cloud services locally. Do not limit your business and be intimidated by the big players. ahomé allows you to compete.
Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Convert your infrastructure into cloud and resell your extended services to local companies. Be a player in building the local economy of your country. And help local businesses keep their data safe locally.
Small local Businesses

Small local Businesses

Buy local and pay cheaper. Host your VPS and applications locally so it remains accessible all the time. Try our Plug and Play solution, which is an affordable on premises cloud solution, allowing the team to work from anywhere.
Select your product

ahomé for Africa

ahomé Private Hosted Cloud

ahomé Private Hosted Cloud

Convert your existing on premise infrastructure into a secure cloud based infrastructure. Keep your data local and safe. No additional investment, only benefits.
ahomé Plug & Play

ahomé Plug & Play

An affordable pre packaged solution, ideal for small businesses. ahomé Plug & Play is ready to be executed from a personal laptop or small hardware device such as Intel NUC, raspberry pi.
ahomé Online

ahomé Online

Based on an easy pay as you go subscription model, take advantage of ahomé automated processes and easily manage your infrastructure through your ahomé interface. Manage like a pro with efficiency and productivity with ahomé online.
ahomé Datacentre

ahomé Datacentre

Convert your datacenter infrastructure into a cloud service provider. Encourage local companies in your country or region to keep their data local, accessible and safe with you.